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A Nextran Full-Service Lease is a cradle-to-grave transportation solution that includes more than just the acquisition of a new vehicle. It includes all the obvious and not so obvious operating costs of managing a commercial truck fleet. The fact is, the purchase price of a truck is just one of many costs associated with operating commercial vehicles. The ultimate goal of a Nextran Full-Service Lease is to eliminate business disruptions related to your fleet.

Hard and Soft Costs of Fleet Ownership Included

These include the associated expenses of overheads, towing, taxes, washing, rental replacement trucks, regulatory compliance and licensing among other hard and soft costs.

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Control Fleet Maintenance and Repair Expenses

The longer you own a truck, the higher maintenance and repair costs will be. This includes tires, oil changes and routine inspections. A full-service lease will cover all maintenance and repairs with predictable, budgetable costs.

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Focus on Your Core Business

New truck purchases are large capital expenditures. This is not the case with a Nextran Full-Service Lease. Conserve your business’s capital and invest it in delivering the products and services that your business offers, and not in a quickly depreciating fleet.

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Truck Spec’d by Experts for Maximum Efficiency

Full-Service Leasing keeps your fleet up and running. Trucks are maintained by world-class diesel technicians. Our support services will make sure all regulatory compliances are met, and be there 24/7 should unexpected needs arise. Before the vehicles reach an age where uptime is no longer predictable, they will be retired with no costs or exposure to your business.

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Increase Driver Satisfaction

Professional drivers are worth their weight in gold. Survey after survey has proven drivers are happier when they operate late model vehicles that are reliable and comfortable. Nextran’s offering of world class vehicles coupled with the expert services of our Leasing professionals deliver a positive experience for your driving team.

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